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Bantou is a character in the Samurai Champloo episode Gamblers and Gallantry. He is the owner of the local brothel where women are forced into prostitution.

He is voiced by Masaharu Satou in the original Japanese version and voiced by Doug Stone in the English dub.


He manages a brothel where women are prostitutes. When Jin travels into town, Shino is the newest prostitute at the brothel since she was sold to Bantou by her husband because of his massive debt. When Jin first visits her at the brothel, Bantou asks him if he wants to buy some time with a woman, to which Jin responds he is broke. Bantou says he dislikes window shoppers and has his employees beat up Jin.

Later on, Jin returns with a substantial amount of money, changing Bantou's attitude towards Jin from hostility to hospitality. After Jin sleeps with Shino, he asks her if she wants to run away, which she agrees. Bantou enters their room and sees Shino trying to escape and attempts to grab her arm, but she drops down into Jin's arms. He and his men chase after Jin and Shino and eventually surround the two, but Jin fights them off despite Bantou holding his swords.

Shino escapes to an island where abused women can take refuge, and it is unknown if Bantou was injured or killed by Mugen and Jin in their escape.