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Budokiba was a character that was featured in the eighth episode of Samurai Champloo/Anime called The Art of Altercation. She is voiced by Maria Kawamura in the Japanese version and voiced by Melissa Fahn in the English dub.



Budokiba meets Jin, Fuu and Mugen at a bar, and uses her physical attractiveness to charm Mugen and Jin. Later, while flirting with Mugen she drugs Mugen (and presumably Jin) before getting their money and leaving them on the street.

Budokiba meets Mugen

Near the end of the episode she confronts Nagamitsu, and it's revealed they're in a relationship (unclear if they're married). Surprisingly, Jin and Mugen don't attack Budokiba. In the end of the episode, Budokiba is on a boat with kids and Luigi the dog listening to Nagamitsu rap.

Budokiba along with Nagamitsu and their kids on a boat.


Budokiba is a very attractive woman with a curvaceous body as well as big breasts. She is wearing a kimono and wears a ponytail.

Budokiba, Mugen, and Jin


Budokiba is also very crafty and knows how to lure and charm men. Unlike most women in Japan who were meek and submissive, Budokiba is confident and knows how to control men. Budokiba is also willing to give advice to Fuu on how to deal with men, although it is unknown if she was taunting Fuu.


  • It is unclear if Budokiba and Nagatsumi are dating or married.
  • It is unknown where Nagatsumi and Budokiba went.