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Ginsa Momochi is a descendant of the Tsuda clan and the head of the Negoro counterfeiting ring. He is voiced by Jouji Nakata in the original Japanese version and voiced by Tom Wyner in the English dub.


Ginsa is first seen inside a room at the top of the brothel meeting with the brothel manager Akame and some ninjas. He notices that two men, Mugen and Jin, use counterfeit money that the Negoro forgers created. He asks the head of the ninjas, Kaikizou, about the smith that tried to run away with some counterfeit money. Kakizou tells Ginsa that the smith is likely with the secret police, so Ginsa orders him and other shogunate spies killed.

Later the same night, Ginsa goes to the underground foundry where the smiths are making more fake currency. He and the other ninjas tie up several other informants and tells them that if they do not talk, he will pour molten metal down their throats. As he attempts to pour some of the liquid down one of the men's throats, Yatsuha and Mugen bust in and confront Ginsa on his counterfeiting ring. Ginsa laughs since the two of them are clearly outnumbered, but they fight all of his men with ease. Ginsa is angered at this and make a last resort attack but is immobilized by Mugen. Later the next day, Ginsa and his men are arrested.