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Hanjiro is a gambling addict and the former husband of Shino. He is voiced by Rintarou Nishi in the original Japanese version, and voiced by John Snyder in the English dub.


How he and Shino met is unknown. During their marriage, he could not pay off his debts in gambling and so he forced his wife to pay his debts for him by being forced to work in a brothel. He abused his wife, hitting her on several occasions.

One night when at the brothel, Hanjiro visits his wife to ask for money. When she confronts him on his gambling addiction, he hits her until Jin stops him, forcibly holding him and beating him up until Shino orders Jin to stop. Later when Shino escapes with Jin, Hanjiro tries to tell his wife to stay, but Shino throws the remaining money she has in his face, telling him she is free of him. He is now single and left to pay off the remainder of his debt.