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Hishikawa Moronbu is a character that appears in the fifth episode Artistic Anarchy in Samurai Champloo/Anime. He is voiced by Ezra Weisz in the English dub, and Shinichiro Miki in the Japanese Dub.

Hishiwaka Moronbu


Hishikawa Moronbu was a ukiyo-e artist who partners with the Yakuza by painting girls, and sending the girls to the Yakuza so they can be slave trafficked.

Hishikawa sees Fuu eating with Mugen and Jin and grows infatuated with Fuu. She convinces Fuu to be part of his drawing in exchange for money after Fuu sends Mugen and Jin away. While drawing her, he tells her to reveal a little more of her skin, and hears rustling (revealed to be Sakami Manzou trying to spy on Hishiwaka because he believes Hishikawa is part of a slave trafficking ring).

When Fuu is finished, Hishikawa allows the Yakuza to put Fuu in the barrel. After talking with the woman in charge of the slave trafficking ring however, Hishikawa changes his mind and tries to free Fuu, revealing that he partnered with the Yakuza because his drawings weren't selling that much. He is discovered by the Yakuza, and they beat him up.

Mugen finds a beaten up Hishikawa, and goes after the Yakuza punks. In the end, Hishikawa hides in a barrel and declares his attraction for Fuu, stating that he plans to escape to Holland to became an artist. However, at the end of the episode (and The Disorder Diaries) it's revealed that Hishikawa was caught trying to go to Holland.


Hishikawa Moronbou is a pale Japanese man with slender eyes with feminine facial features. He resembles more of an androygnous individual. He wears a dark blue kimono.


Hishikawa seems to be a bit creepy, as he makes Fuu nervous. However, at the end he realizes what he's doing is wrong (only because he was attracted to Fuu) and shows bravery by rebelling the Yakuza.


  • Hishikawa Moronbu is actually based on a real life person.
  • His drawings of Fuu would later inspire the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.