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Izsaac Titsingh was one of the characters in the anime Samurai Champloo. He appeared in the sixth episode of the first season Stranger Searching. He is voiced by Houchuu Ootsuka in the Japanese version and voiced by Paul St. Peter in the English dub.


Izsaac is a Dutch man born in a country called Holland that's far from Japan. He was caught hooking up with a man (that happened to be a high ranking officer) and people in Holland treated him like a deviant. Izsaac read in an ancient buddhist text that Japan accepted men who liked other men, and decided to go live in Japan.

Izsaac participates in an eating contest, and competes against Mugen, Jin, and Fuu. He narrowly beats Fuu due to her getting distracted by a fly, and gets the reward (the fees to enter the tournament that include Mugen and Jinn's swords). Izsaac meets up with the trio and ask them to take him on a tour, and in exchange Izsaac will give them back the swords. While meeting with them, Izsaac tells them his name is Joji, and that he is a born japanese, obviously lying given his accent, blue eyes and ginger hair.

While going on a trip, Fuu and Izsaac are having a good time, and that night they eat at a restaurant. However, a group of samurai called the INS Agents barge in the restaurant looking for Izsaac. During the chaos, Mugen and Jin take down the INS Agents, and the group escapes. During the episode there are some scenes about a mysterious group of tall and silent men who cover their heads with baskets searching for someone.

Jin wants to get his sword back, but Izsaac says that he will give it to them after he sees a kabuki play. While looking at the play, he meets the head actor of the kabuki Yamato Nadeshiko. It is revealed that Izsaac is gay, a fan of yaoi and was infatuated with Yamato.

The INS Agents arrive, and Izsaac gives Jin and Mugen their swords back. The fight escalates to the stage, but before the INS Agents could arrest Izsaac (due to him being a foreigner) the Basket Men show up and reveal themselves as dutch ambassadors and prevent Izsaac from being arrested, while also revealing that Izsaac is the Governor of the East India Company.

On the bridge, Fuu asks Izsaac about the samurai that smells like sunflowers, and Izsaac confesses he doesn't know who Fuu is talking about. But when Fuu shows him a small skull that belonged from the samurai, Izsaac fearfully tells her to not show that to anyone, and that they should go to Nagasaki to seek answers there.


Izsaac is a relativey tall foreigner who can speak Japanese, although with a noticeable foreign accent. He wears strange shoes that are different from Japanese, and he has a small ponytail while also wearing yellow clothing.