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Kinogasa was one of the heads of the Hakone Checkpoint who only had the position due to his parents' wealth.


Kinogasa is a character in the Samurai Champloo episode Beatbox Bandits. He is an arrogant man who delights in killing anyone that tries to trespass at the checkpoint. He thinks he can order anyone around and do anything because of his enormous wealth and power. He wears a kimono with a white mountain pattern on it.


Kinogasa is first seen as the head of the Hakone Checkpoint in the current story, and his guards stop Mugen, Jin, and Fuu from passing through the checkpoint. He wants to execute them, but before he can act, one of his men tells him that one of the criminals they have tied up has died. He does not know what to do when his subordinate Yamane recommends that they have one of the main trio deliver the head to the people serving the criminal's warrant. Kinogasa agrees to this idea and has Mugen deliver the head, and additionally tells Yamane to track Mugen's movements so that he does not betray them.

He decides that if Mugen does not deliver the head and come back by sunset, he will execute Jin and Fuu. Once the sun sets, he and is guards prepare to execute the two, but they inhale some nearby marijuana smoke and start laughing. During his state of being high, he allows anyone to pass through the checkpoints, including Mugen and Fuu. In the near future, Kinogasa is no longer the head of the checkpoint and Yamane becomes the new head.