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Ogura is a character in the Samurai Champloo anime, and he is a samurai and a former student of Enshiro Mariya. He is voiced by Yuuto Kazama in the Japanese version and voiced by Kim Strauss in the English version.


When Nagamitsu travels around Edo to fight the best swordsmen, Ogura finds him at Osaka Castle, and he decides to follow Nagamitsu on his journey. At one point, they arrive at Mujushin Dojo so Nagamitsu can fight Enshiro Mariya, but they find out that he is dead and that one of his own students killed him. Ogura is angry to hear about this and vows vengeance on the student who killed him, and they find out that a rōnin named Jin is responsible for the murder, so Ogura pretends to be friendly to Nagamitsu so that he can find Jin and avenge his master's death.

They continue on their journey and eventually come across Jin at a pawn shop, and Ogura drops his façade of being one of Nagamitsu's followers and confronts Jin on his murder of Mariya. Jin tells him to go outside so they can duel. Ogura lunges forward but Jin easily blocks his moves and soon disarms his katana. Ogura angrily asks Jin to kill him, but Jin says he will spare Ogura's life so that he can tell the other students that Jin is alive, and he flees.

Ogura tells other students such as Yukimaru about his inability to kill Jin, and he kills himself due to the shame.