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Osuzu is Daigorou's lovely, demure daughter, who first appears tutoring Sousuke. After Susuke takes back Daigorou's deed, Osuzu is carted off to the brothel by Ishimatsu, where she meets Fuu (who has been captures and forced into prostitution). The two become friends. She sees Fuu's attempt to escape, but refuses to try to escape for fear of what will happen to her father. She is then freed from the brothel after Rikiei's death.

She is voiced by Sayuri in the Japanese version and voiced by Karen Strassman in the English dub.


Osuzu has brown hair with strands that hangs on both sides of the front of her face. Her hair is tied up in the back with hair sticks. She has brown eyes and is seen in the show wearing many different colored kimonos.


Osuzu is nice and thoughtful. She does what it takes to keep her father safe.