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Rikiei Nagatomi (長富 力栄 Nagatomi Rikiei) first appears in the first restaurant fight of Hellhounds for Hire (Part 1), where he offers Mugen a job, and later announces Mugen will be his partner. Mugen eventually chafes under his control and leaves. Constantly scheming to get control of the town without loss of profit; his crooked gambling parlor robs townspeople of their business and daughters, who get carted off to his brothel. Rikiei uses Susuke's crime to take over the Kawaras, but he is thwarted by Fuu and he is then killed by Ishimatsu after the takeover fails.

He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki in the Japanese version and voiced by Michael McConnohie in the English dub.


Rikiei has light brown receding hair that sticks out on the side. He wears shades with gold frame with a beard that connects with his mustache and hangs from his chin.

He wears a blue and black kimono.


Rikiei is a serious person that deceives people to fit his needs. He is a business man and although he is serious and deceives people he is still nice and respectful.


  • The name Rikiei means "power" (力栄).
  • Rikiei's surname Nagatomi means "long" (長) (naga) and "wealth, abundance" (富) (tomi).


  • In the Champloo Roman Album, character designer and artist Kazuto Nakazawa says that both Rikiei and Ishimatsu were drawn as black men.