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Sakami Manzou or known by his nickname Manzou the Saw is a recurring character and serve as comic relief that appears in Samurai Champloo/Anime. He appears in two episodes Artistic Anarchy (5th episode) and Baseball Blues (23rd episode), although he does have a voiceover in the 12th episode The Disorder Diaries. He is voiced by Michael McConnohie in the English Dub and Unshou Ishizuka in the Japanese Dub.

Sakami Manzou


Sakami Manzou (or Manzou the Saw) is a detective who is investigating the disappearance of young girls in a town, coincidentally where Fuu Mugen and Jin were staying. He is known as "The Saw" because his sword is literally a saw.

Manzou overhears Fuu and his suspect Hishikawa Moronbu talking about Hishiwaka drawing her, and nearly gets his cover blown at night when Fuu hears something rustling outside. The next day, Manzou hides in a barrel to find the Yakuza and Hishiwaka. He rescues Fuu and arrests a woman and an elderly man for slave trafficking.

Manzou doesn't appear in The Disorder Diaries but he provides voiceover, like how Hishiwaka didn't escape to Holland, sexual freedom in Japan, and Zen Buddhism.

Manzou's final appearance is in Baseball Blues where he tries to infiltrate an American ship but fails, and plays baseball with Kagemaru Jin Fuu and Mugen against baseball players, but is injured and struck out.


Sakami Manzou is a short, beefy man who has a wide body. He has scrunched up eyes and nose, and has scars around his body as well as bandages wrapped around his waist. He is strong enough to carry Fuu safely with one arm.


  • "Well, blow me down!"


  • He is a parody of Hanzo "The Razor" Itami, the protagonist of the Hanzo The Razor trilogy.
  • It is unknown if Fuu Mugen and Jin even recognize him during their adventures.
  • Manzou serves as a fourth wall breaker in The Disorder Diaries.
  • It is unknown what happened to him at the end of the series.