Tomonoshin is a minor character in Samurai Champloo. He is the spoiled-rotten son of the local magistrate that first appears in the tea shop.


Tomonoshin has distinct blonde hair with a short pony tail on top of his head. His side-burns and his beard are brown. His thick eyebrows are a light blonde and he has long earings on each ear. He also has a piercing under his left eyebrow.


Tomonoshin acts like a tough guy but Mugen revealed he is a whiny, scared, spoiled-rotten brat.


Tomonoshin appears in episode one as a patron at Fuu's restaurant, where his men begin to make trouble after she stumbles and accidently throws tea in his face. When Mugen, unphased by Tomonoshin's name dropping, responds by cutting of the arm of one of his attackers. Mugen starts to come toward him as Tomonoshin is talking to him and cuts of his short pony tail and starts to break all of his fingers. The man that got his arm cut off later returned and set the tea house on fire. Tomonoshin is some how unable to escape and dies in the fire, arousing the magistrate's anger and causing him to blame Mugen and recently arrived Jin, condemning them to death. This, in turn, leads to Fuu taking them on as debtors to her in her selfish quest, setting up the main plot.