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Toube is one of the main antagonists in the last three episodes of Samurai Champloo (Evanescent Encounter Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).


Toube appears to be middle-aged and has his black hair tied in a ponytail. He wears a tan-grey kimono and black pants with a greenish vest around his shoulders. Due to an explosion on a government ship, he became paralyzed from the incident and sits in a wheelchair. While he has two swords, he cannot use them due to his physical disability. Most of the time he is silent, only moving his hands to trigger the gun inside the wheelchair's armrest.


Toube and his two brothers, Umanosuke and Denkibou, once worked on a government ship to transport money. One night, their ship is attacked by some pirates, notably Mukuro and Mugen, and Mugen injures the three brothers. Mukuro betrays Mugen and leaves him on the ship, setting off an explosion that further injures the three brothers and leaves Toube paralyzed. After the pirate attack, the government is displeased with their failure to protect the ship, so they are fired for it and cannot reapply due to their disabilities. For this, Toube and his two brothers vow to get revenge on Mugen for making their lives miserable.

One day, the three brothers find a campground where Mugen stayed for the night and have a lead on him. Umanosuke kills a passing traveler, and Toube does not do anything and simply remains silent. He and his two brothers arrive at Nagasaki and find out that Mugen ate at a restaurant with a girl (Fuu) and is heading to Ikitsuki Island, so Umanosuke brings Toube with him to the island before Mugen gets there.

Toube and Umanosuke arrive at the island and Fuu arrives shortly thereafter. She sees Toube sitting on the path blocking the way toward the top of the island, and Umanosuke takes her as a hostage, tying her up in a church to lure Mugen to the island. Denkibou finds Mugen back in Nagasaki and tells him to hurry to the island or Fuu will be killed, so Mugen leaves. As Mugen travels on a small boat to the island, Denkibou cannot resist his hatred for Mugen and tries to kill him, but Mugen fights him and kills him.

When Mugen arrives to the island, Umanosuke lets Fuu go and he fights Mugen. Toube is watching it all and eventually Mugen is able to kill Umanosuke despite suffering great injury. Just after Mugen won the fight, Toube fires a gunshot from his armrest gun and hits Mugen in the stomach. Mugen crawls toward him as Toube lights a stick of explosives in his other armrest. Mugen kicks the bottom of Toube's wheelchair and sees several sticks of dynamite, realizing that Toube intends to kill himself to kill Mugen as well. In the end, Toube dies in the explosion he created, but Mugen survives.