Xavier III or Francisco Xavier is the antagonist of the 19th episode Unholy Union in the Samurai Champloo/Anime. He is voiced by Lex Lang in the English Dub, and Juurouta Kosugi in the Japanese Dub.

Xavier the Third


Xavier III hires his henchmen to find Yuri so he can marry her. His henchmen successfully capture her (unaware that Fuu is following them) and holds a meeting with his followers. He proclaims to the audience that the key to achieving salvation is… to earn it by helping to manufacture tanegashima, a Japanese form of matchlock gun.

It is revealed by Yuri that he is just exploiting the faith of the local Christian population for massive profit, using the profits from gun sales to purchase valuable artworks, historical artifacts, and even the love of others as he attempts to force Yuri to marry him. When Yuri refuses, Xaver III has her thrown in jail. As the ceremony is about to get underway, Fuu begs Yuri to not go through with it, giving her the courage she needs to stand up to the priest. This conflict is interrupted by the arrival of Mugen and Jin, who managed to uncover the full scale of Xavier’s exploitative scheme. He starts firing at the two samurai but fails to successfully strike them, accidentally causing the cross behind him to collapse, and revealing his true identity.

His fate is sealed when he attempts to kill Yuri with a large cannon-like tanegashima, however, the cannon malfunctions and explodes, killing him.
Xavier III holding a tanegashima


Xavier III is a cruel selfish man who only cares about fame and fortune. He claimes to be a Christian, but its revealed to be a scam just so he can get money and fame. He also ordered Yuri's family's demise since they were the ones who found out who he really was. He deceives an underground Christian village into producing firearms for him to make money.


Xavier III is an ugly man who has crooked teeth, a goatee, and his crown is shaved in the fashion of a Western monk, and he is highly amblyopic (his eyes don't really work).


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