The Yagyuu Masters are expert samurai from Edo. They appear only in a street scene. They defend their subservience against Jin's taunts, attack him, and then they are all killed in 3 seconds.


The Yagyuu Masters all wear regular Yagyuu uniform kimonos, which are a Mantis Green color, that have the design of white circles on each side. They all have brown hair, and they all where their katanas on their left side.

The Yagyuu standing on the left side has receding hair that sticks up in the back, with a beard that connects with his mustache. He is also the only one with facial hair.

The Yagyuu standing in the middle has this crescent shaped mark in the middle of his head. He too has receding hair. He has a a small bun that sticks up in the back of his head and has a small mustache.

The Yagyuu standing on the right side is the only one without receding hair. He is also the only one without facial hair. He has his hair tied up in the back.